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(Spoiler warning)

Saw Lucy the other day. As a movie enthusiast, I enjoyed it immensely. Great effects, great action, great concept, and Scarlett Johansson was, as always, perfect. But I have to be honest though, there were two things that irked me a bit: (1) the plot - the Korean mob plot felt…
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Thank you Churp Churp for the exclusive passes of the movie Lucy premiere screening yesterday.





From La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element, writer/director Luc Besson has created some of the…

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I saw the movie “Lucy” last night, and I found it more mind boggling that almost all the bad guys were Koreans although part of it was set in Taipei, Taiwan.

Then I found this cute video from Taipei cab drivers.  Win.

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I was hoping to watch it soon, what’s so bad about it?

I would honestly and wholeheartedly advice u to pick another movie because it’s just so?? objectively bad??? lucy is a movie that is marketed as…

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It seems like the creator just wanted to do a transhumanism movie and didn’t realize the unfortunate implications in the trailer.

The people she shot for not speaking english were part of the crew who kidnapped her, not innocent bystanders, and the ‘random symbols’ on the wall she’s later chained…

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There’s still a lot of stuff I didn’t mention like the potentially abusive relationship between Lucy and Richard, “I live in Taiwan but can’t speak Taiwanese LOL” part and more.

So I found the soundtrack and- -
Isn’t “goon” a pejorative word?
…fucking damn it!

and it makes no difference whatsoever

Never Give UP

You Can do it.

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I remember a children story I saw on TV, with puppets. It was definitely a foreign programme, with a voice-over. I would like to know if you can recall a similar story.
A girl was supposed to visit a ruler of her land. She was given a small chest with four gifts: golden disks, a bottle of perfume, an expensive stamp, and something heavy but I don’t remember what. The path was long and the fastest way was by air. The girl had to pay with the disks for a plane, then fill it with the perfume instead of petrol, get to a balloon, throw away the heavy gift so the balloon could lift off, and use the stamp for an SOS letter when she was stuck with no options. She finally met the ruler, but only had the casket for them. The ruler was glad anyway because it turned out the very same casket had been lost some time ago.

Anyway, Joanna and I watched the rest of Madoka, minus the Rebellion.
We were drinking cola from our glasses during the Eternal Story.
But the events and QB’s declarations were so tense for her that she took a gulp straight from the bottle.
xF I think I broke her.

One of reasons I should clean up my dA gallery.


Sailor Moon Crystal ep.04 Masquerade