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You must not exist in this world. Evil spirit, be exorcised!


These almond cookies are very aggressive.
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so this is an thing that happened ?? this is my family picture (im the one of the far right btw)

it got posted on both 9gag and also reddit by an unknown weirdo who probably got it from my sister’s fb

but don’t worry though we actually have no problem with this at all ! reading the comments has been the funniest thing ever so keep it up

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In the end, I ate over twenty kilos. I do have the exact amount written down but I don’t have access to it now (wow, after ten months, I visited my hometown, bravo).

I’m still glad.

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Inspirowane rozczarowaniem po przeczytaniu pierwszego tomu “Exitus letalis”. Czytać ostrożnie.

Sanitariusz, żołnierz AK, żołnierz Wehrmachtu i krawiec. Cztery zakątki współczesnej Polski. Cztery różne doświadczenia i środowiska. Jedno wspólne dla nich wydarzenie. Jedna tajemnica.

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Pulled Apart By Horses // Lizard Baby

Wow. If this doesn’t get you excited for their next album then I don’t know what will. Every album has developed into something better than it’s predecessor and this is shaping up to be no exception. Go cast your ears on Lizard Baby, an instant classic in my opinion.

Catchy as hell chorus!




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"My dad died in 9/11. They opened up the museum to families today, so I went this morning. My plan was to go to work after, but I just couldn’t do it."
"What happened to him?"
"He was a cop. He actually had the day off. But as soon as he heard, he drove into the city and got there just in time for the second tower to fall. A witness said that my dad had started to run when the tower fell, but turned back because a trapped woman was calling to him."
"What do you remember?"
"I was in science class. And my teacher told us that there had been a plane crash. That’s all she said. Then I noticed all these kids around me getting phone calls and text messages, and they’d run out of class. So I knew something big was happening. Soon we got let out of school. On the ride home, I remember thinking that my dad was going to be working overtime on this. I imagined he’d be down there everyday, saving people. ‘I bet I won’t see him for weeks,’ I said."

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27th Aug, 2009

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