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You’re a soldier
risking life in a crossfire for companions’ sake
You’re a doctor
remaining calm even though there are piece all over the place
It’s the worst combination
'cause you know how to strike to end a life
But it’s the best combination
'cause you know where to shoot to save a life

Hear my simple words, o you who’s trapped between two oaths
Just pull it; you can’t save them both

If only police could merge with the walls
If only the jury rejected the calls
But relax, my friend; one day they’ll all see
it’s the one who defends morality
who’s the winner

You’re a doctor
taking care of strangers and colleagues equally
You’re a soldier
making quick decisions in the middle of bloody conflict
You are treated like a pawn
who can be carelessly abandoned
Still, your value’s that of queen
irreplaceable in battle

You can trust your mind, unlike me and many kings
You are the oath; you give the meaning
to justice

And there’re the police, so blind and never close
Then, there’s the jury, corrupted via phone
Just run, my friend, while holding the sleeve
The win does not make one defender
of morality

Heads up, breasts up, stand up, don’t cry
The fallen ones will surely fly